What Is Ready5?

Ready5 is about empowering individuals; specifically, empowering you, the Citizen.

Ready5 goes beyond preparing for the worst and helps people live life to the fullest. Members are not only equipped to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous situations. They are also empowered to understand their limits and confidently take risks that they might have previously avoided (e.g. rock climbing, remote travel, adventure expeditions, etc.).

Ready5 is a company that provides holistic, ongoing training tailored for the Citizen as well as a community of like-minded individuals like you, that want to care for and protect their loved ones and walk through the world with no fear.

Preparedness leads to confidence and self-reliance - a knowledge that come what may, you’re prepared.
— BSA Fieldbook

What you will get out of Ready5

You will learn - handguns, rifles, enduring mindset, field craft, emergency preparedness planning, communications...

You will do - tactical shooting, long range shooting, unarmed self-defense, hiking, map reading...

You will be ready ... for all the adventures that come your way... wanted or not...


How does it work?

Ready5 isn't something you do. Ready5 is something you become a part of... a lifestyle in a community of like-minded individuals that journey with you.

Ready5 training offers five main disciplines:

  • Ancient Combat - The roots of our self-defense systems are drawn from old Samurai battlefield schools that have adapted to our modern world (more info about this art at www.Bujinkan-SanDiego.com).
  • Modern Combat - We have extracted the best practices from Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian shooting schools and tailored them for the Citizen.
  • Field-Craft - The skills and craft of wilderness and urban survival.
  • Emergency Preparedness - Broken down into 12 domains, this is the planning, training, equipping, and mindset needed to be ready for emergencies.
  • Modern Homesteading - As a person prepares for emergencies and advances along the continuum of self-reliance, they are increasingly homesteading. This discipline extends Emergency Preparedness.

All of these disciplines revolve around and are tailored to serve the Citizen; to prepare them to be highly skilled, equipped, and capable to handle any challenges life may throw at them.


Getting Started

Our programs are membership-based and month-to-month. We specifically avoid binding contracts, to ensure retention through quality and value of our programs, rather than obligation.

All members are vetted through a highly-selective on-boarding process designed to keep out weirdos, big egos, and bad attitudes.

To get started, contact us by calling (858) 226-6985, email at Team@Ready5.io, or via the form below.

From there, we'll schedule a time for us to meet at our facility in Scripps Ranch. Once we determine we like each other, we'll get you into your first class and begin your journey.

We look forward to training with you!

Ready to get started?

Let us know who you are and we'll get in contact with you to get you going.