What Is Ready5?

Ready5 is about empowering individuals; specifically, empowering you, the Citizen.

Ready5 goes beyond preparing for the worst and helps people live life to the fullest. Members are not only equipped to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous situations. They are also empowered to understand their limits and confidently take risks that they might have previously avoided (e.g. rock climbing, remote travel, adventure expeditions, etc.).

Ready5 is a company that provides holistic, ongoing training tailored for the Citizen as well as a community of like-minded individuals like you, that want to care for and protect their loved ones and walk through the world with no fear.

Preparedness leads to confidence and self-reliance - a knowledge that come what may, you’re prepared.
— BSA Fieldbook

What you will get out of Ready5

You will learn:  fieldcraft, emergency preparedness planning, first aid, communications, resiliency, how to prepare your mind and body for emergencies, etc.

You will do:  unarmed self-defense, wilderness survival expeditions, physical fitness training, mental preparedness techniques, etc.

You will be ready ... for emergency situations you never saw coming.


Ready to get started?

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